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Life is messy, and any given incident can trigger legal issues in more than one area of the law. A traffic accident, for example, can cause a personal injury and also raise the issue of criminal charges. For just about any legal situation, you are more likely to obtain the outcome you are seeking when you work with a qualified lawyer.

Birch Tree Law, P.C., is a well-rounded law firm, and we can help our clients resolve the legal issues they are facing even when those issues span multiple areas of the law.

Litigation, Criminal Defense And Other Services

In addition to our family law and personal injury practices, we are proud to offer a range of other services to our clients.

We frequently help our clients resolve disputes through civil litigation, including landlord-tenant disputes. To save you time and money, we are always open to out-of-court settlements when a compromise is possible. But when necessary, we are also prepared to litigate a case in court.

We can also help in criminal defense matters, with an emphasis on misdemeanor charges. If you have been charged with drunk driving/DUI, we can help minimize the impact to both your criminal record and driving record. If your license is revoked for DUI or any other reason, we can guide you through the process to having it reinstated. We can also assist in the expungement of certain convictions from your criminal record, which is useful for removing the stigma of a conviction from background checks when applying for jobs, loans and other issues in your personal life and professional life.

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